1. The Design Lens Website is a personal blog site that captures design news, dialogue, inspiration, and ideas from across the globe. It talks about design starting from the letterform to the architype. Design can be a creation out of necessity and/or for pure pleasure. 

    Through my experiences in school, work & play, Sharing has become the most enjoyable and rewarding of all my findings. I have had many teachers, mentors and peers that have taught me respect for my profession and giving me a greater appreciation for the “audience”. In music, Sometimes i catch my self applying the same principles of design from the bauhaus to compositions and my music theories. The resulting art created makes the sounds fresh, rich, and deep.

    "Its all about sharing & exchanging ideas that make our lives extraordinary." 
    - orly angelo 

  2. The Frequency Crate Website was a concept of mine 10 years ago to build an internet radio website. Today I create and resurrect the name “Frequency Crate” dusting off all the old ideas to to be applied in the form of a personal blog site that captures the beat, the technology, the roots, and the feeling.


    About the Crate & Contact
    Frequency Crate is curated by Orly Angelo

    Mission Statement:
    Frequency Crate is an amalgamation of musical styles, ideas and rhythms . It was created as a sharing platform for like minded music lovers, producers & aficiandos. Music Genres come & go with the seasons. Frequency Crate prides itself in pulling to the surface quality music, innovative sounds, and a soulful array of music that is TIMELSS. The more we are educated about “What is Good Music” a better ear we form.

    "Music is the silence between the notes" - Claude Debussy (1862 - 1918)